3 Ways to Automate Your Campaigns Without Alienating Your Customers

Frida Kops   ● 5 min read
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Content marketing can be a constant game of cat-and-mouse. Running around in circles for your audience’s attention. 

New customers must be pulled in, without alienating your brand loyalists. 

Now is a good time for tour operator businesses to focus on expanding their digital marketing efforts. And in order to expand you need to automate your campaigns.

BUT, the automating process isn’t as simple as cooking a ready meal. If you aren’t careful, your brand loyalists could find your content less than appetising.However, you needn’t worry about isolating your biggest fans if you follow these 3 tips to automation success!

1. Treat Your Automated Campaign like a Baby

Your software should be more than an AI-fueled robot. Your campaign is your baby, treat it like so…

  • Keep a close eye on how your campaigns are doing. Use a CRM system that allows you to routinely check the “health” of your marketing campaigns. 
  • Try segmenting your campaigns to pinpoint exactly where potential customers are falling out of your funnel.
  • Reassess at regular intervals. If babies need much more attention, then so does your campaign. The shorter the campaign the more frequent it needs the check-up.

Make frequent changes. If you aren’t seeing the conversions coming in, tweaking your tactics could be the way forward. It could be something as small as a follow-up email being scheduled too late.

2. Customise & Automate Your Campaign Around the Customer

Tempting though it may be, I’m sure you already know the one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. Say NO to scripts. Spam messages are guaranteed to trash your email list. Likewise, overly personal emails can seem…creepy? Dare we say. 

Instead try this approach…

Use Avatars in a Drip Campaign. Use the basic information you have about your prospects, whether it be; job roles, social media or company to guess their pain points. Customising content based on roles avoids it getting a little too personal sometimes.

3. Strengthen Key Supports

As you optimise your automation program, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Am I publishing high-quality content on a consistent schedule? Automation is merely the delivery mechanism. Therefore, your content still needs to be impactful and engaging.
  • Does my team know how to use automation tools? Automation systems are only as effective as the people using them. There are many useful online guides posted by marketing automation providers to make sure you’re clued up on the key features. If in need of further assistance, ask for an on-site tutorial.
  • Am I measuring what matters? Remember even the conversion experts sometimes get it wrong. Sometimes, converting as little as 3% into their sales funnels. Optimising your conversion stats means measuring related stats too. Try checking email clicks and open rates at least once a month. Or, reaching out to loyalists to see how satisfied they are.

Always remember that just because you automate your campaigns, it doesn’t mean can can be entirely “hands-off”. 

Start with great content, customise it thoughtfully, give your team the knowledge they need to use the tools, and check back frequently.

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