I’m delighted with our marketing strategy. With 10x Travel we’ve increased sales by 38% in six months!

Guy Whitehead

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The Problem

Although The Leap is a successful, established operator within the gap year travel industry, the company was concerned that its blog wasn’t driving significant business results where it matters - leads and sales. They hired 10x Travel to address weakness in both the site’s content and its overall digital marketing strategy in order to construct an effective funnel that would turn website visitors into bookings.

The Results

By implementing a number of different digital marketing strategies and best practices on The Leap’s website, our team was able to improve overall website traffic by 31% over the first half of 2015 and bring about a 61% growth in enquires in the same time period, leading to a 38% surge in sales revenue.

  • 31% More Website Traffic
  • 38% More Sales Revenue

Our Strategy

Our approach to increasing The Leap’s enquiries centred on the launch of the 10x Sales Machine - our proprietary, end-to-end digital marketing blueprint that integrates the latest email, social, paid traffic, search engine and content marketing strategies into one cohesive, lead-generating system. Two of the features of this system that were particularly effective for The Leap are described below.

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Technique #1

Create a Lead Magnet

The first issue that our team encountered was that there was no clear strategy to turn visitors reading the blog into leads that The Leap could sell products to. As a result, many visitors would arrive, read an article and leave immediately afterwards.

To remedy this, we created a lead magnet – a free, informational ebook resource that is offered to the target audience to determine their interest in the products and services sold by The Leap.


Technique #2

Marketing Automation

In addition to launching the lead magnet, which immediately began generating additional leads for The Leap, our team also determined that whilst these new leads held a self-identified interest in the products and services available, this alone would not generate revenue.

To turn leads into bookings, we implemented an automated lead nurturing process that would contact new leads on behalf of The Leap, delivering further value to prospects and educating them about the products available


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