This is a timeless concern between marketing and sales teams in all global industries, and a common concern among our potential done-for-you service partners.

We align our financial success to yours – so if you don’t make revenue from your sales opportunities, we don’t either. We’re committed to providing you with inquiries that are as interested, fully-educated about your tours, and qualified for sales.

To explain further: we capture interested prospects at various levels of the sales funnel. Those who are ready to inquire will fill out an ‘intake survey’ (the name we use for our proprietary conversational inquiry forms) either on product landing pages or your website.

We use the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) sales methodology for the inquiry forms we build as part of the campaign, which ensures a high-quality sales opportunity who is ready to book.

Those who are not ready to make an inquiry yet will join the sales funnel at a marketing level, receiving a personalised series of emails which build trust and rapport with your potential clients before they complete an intake survey and become a sales opportunity.

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