It’s a common concern to worry or wonder about how starting up the process with us works. We’ve implemented the done-for-you Get More Bookings® sales funnel for more than 80 tour operators worldwide, and have honed it to make it as simple and easy for you as possible.

After you’ve paid your deposit, you’ll book a short Welcome Call, where you’ll be introduced to the Onboarding Team. We’ll then conduct one video call per week as follows:

  • Week 1: Business Discovery. Before this call, we’ll ask you to fill out a Discovery Questionnaire, covering everything about your business from product, to competitors and target market. We’ll learn as much as possible within the first week and will also take a look at your Google Analytics and conduct keyword research so our Content, PPC and Technology Teams are fully equipped to understanding your business
  • Week 2: Strategy. We’ll present you with the campaign strategy and Key Performance Indicators. When this has been discussed and signed off, we’ll be in a good place to begin creating content, which will be delivered to you over the following weeks.
  • Week 3: Sales Discovery: At this stage, we’ll find out about your current sales process, and advise on any improvements we can support you with. We’ll also make sure that your sales team are up to speed with the Get More Bookings® funnel strategy so that they are well-equipped to handle the leads we’ll be generating for your business.
  • Week 4: The Get More Bookings® Handbook: We’ll present you with The Get More Bookings® Handbook, a series of tips and templates, put together by our team of experts. The Handbook will aid your team in converting leads into bookings.
  • Week 5: Pre-Launch Checks: By now, we’ll nearly be ready to launch and we will use this time to present you with all finalised assets, and talk about what to expect during Launch Week.
  • Week 6: We’ll switch everything on, and begin getting you more bookings!

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