Very common question. You already have a successful tour operator business, and so of course you already have freelancers, agencies and in-house team members that make this happen.

10x Travel is not a marketing agency – so we don’t come in and say ‘everything you’re doing sucks, we’re going to redo it all and make it good’. That’s what agencies do.

On the contrary, what you’re already doing is the reason your business is where it is today. You need to keep doing all that!

What you need is an additional system that is going to bring you the extra sales opportunities and bookings you need to grow your business to the next level.

So let’s be really clear: this is not a replacement to your marketing agency or in-house team. Nearly all of our most successful tour operator partners have other sales and marketing initiatives in place that run in parallel with – but separate to – the 10x Travel system.

For example, a business that already has an advertising campaign still benefits from a second high-performing advertising campaign. So even if some of the tactics used in our system seem to overlap with other things you’re doing, the Get More Bookings® sales funnel is a proven, independent sales channel for your tour operator business that is going to bring you additional revenue.

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