You can feel confident knowing that we have mastered the ads creation process. We’ve created and run successful ads over hundreds of campaigns with the done-for-you service, and we know how to get results for you. We’ll do the heavy lifting, and ask for and incorporate your feedback and expert knowledge about your business and niche to create a winning ad set.

We will be running Facebook Ads to generate leads and drive traffic to your article landing page. We will also promote your product landing page to people that have previously engaged with the article content. Facebook users will also be able to sign up to the email course directly via one Facebook Ad that we will run continually through your campaign.

We will also be running Google and Bing Ads to send high-intent traffic directly to your product landing page.

All ads will be approved and signed off by you, prior to launch.

If you opt for our Tour Operator Accelerator™ program, then we dedicate Week 5 entirely to teaching you how to create and launch Facebook Ads and Google Ads so you have the knowledge, tools and templates to feel confident taking the reins.

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