I hear you saying that you’re not sure what kind of result to expect from this partnership, and that’s a totally valid thing to wonder about! Other tour operators felt the same way before they decided to choose our done-for-you service and work with us. Of those who decided to move ahead and partner with us, nearly all have found the results to be transformational for their business.

Specifically, the success rate within the first three months of launching a new Get More Bookings® sales funnel is 80%. This means 80% of tour operators receive a positive Return On Investment after gross profit margins have been accounted for. Because almost everyone gets their money back. And those that have success have these characteristics:

  1. They have a dedicated sales person with a proven track record of making deals (not taking orders) to work on this
  2. They have someone dedicated who is really engaged on the content, and
  3. They have a positive attitude and are committed to this with the attitude that ‘this is going to work for us’

We’re here to help make sure you can be part of that success group by offering sales support with the Get More Bookings® handbook, we have a proven content approval process, and we show up for your success ourselves.

Those that don’t succeed don’t have a proven sales process, are disengaged during onboarding or don’t assign a dedicated person on your side to make this successful, or are expecting this campaign to fail.

Those things aren’t going to happen with you/your company, right?

If not, then we’re bound to succeed together.

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