It’s common to worry that you or your team may end up having a lot more work to do when engaging with us, rather than less – please feel reassured that that is not the case.

With our done-for-you service, we have a team of experts who will do the vast majority of work on your campaign – all you need to do is provide feedback and make sure we’re on the right track.

You will have an Onboarding Team who are focussed on all aspects of the campaign setup and you will meet most of our team during the calls we’ll have each week.

You will have a dedicated Content Engineer, Sales Expert, Technology Manager and PPC Manager who will work closely with you (and with one another) to ensure that everything is set up and ready to launch.

Our COO, who has overseen over 60 campaign launches, will be your main point of contact throughout the setup weeks, and the initial three months of launch.

Alternatively, we offer a do-it-with-you option known as the Tour Operator Accelerator™ program. This is a 6-week online course which shows you how to create your own Get More Bookings® funnel to build a better business. We provide you with ‘follow along’ video content, live Q&A calls and a community of tour operator business owners.

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