This is one of the most common questions we receive during the onboarding process of our done-for-you service. We want to make 100% sure that we are creating NEW visitors and traffic for you – so that you succeed when we do.

We’re in this to create long-term relationships, not a quick buck, so we align our success with yours. Of the tour operator partners who worried about this during the beginning of our relationship, many have experienced wildly successful launches and are long-term partners of ours – and we’d like to do the same for you.

All of our ad campaigns are focused on bringing new visitors to your website through paid traffic campaigns.

When running Facebook Ads, we use custom audiences built from data from our past campaigns, this ensures unique targeting segments that don’t overlap with your current Facebook Ads.

When running Paid Search ads, we will always provide you a keyword list before launching our campaigns. If you’re already running Paid Search campaigns you wish to keep managing yourself, you can give us a list of keywords you’d wish for us to avoid using in our Paid Search campaigns.

In short, we’re committed to making sure the leads we bring are truly NEW leads, and that we’re growing your business.

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