How Our Unique Sales Process Helps Tour
Like You Get More Bookings™ Online

At 10x Travel we help ambitious tour operator businesses increase their bookings
by implementing and optimizing customized, automated sales funnels.

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We Call This Process The Get More Bookings™
Sales Funnel
– Because That’s Exactly What It
Does For Your Business

This unique strategy combines the latest digital marketing automation with high quality content specific to YOUR niche market – so you can attract, engage and convert more of your ideal customers.

Our tour operator partners love it because their sales funnel handles the hard work and customized content creation, while consistently and reliably delivering new leads and bookings.

If you’ve struggled with online marketing before, here’s how the Get More Bookings™ sales funnel can finally give you the ROI you’ve been looking for…


The Proven Strategy Delivering
More Sales And Bookings Online

(Not Just More Website Visitors)

We often talk with tour operators who spent lots of money with SEO and Pay-Per-Click agencies that increased their search rankings or got more people to their websites, but had little impact on actual sales figures.

Sure, better search rankings and increased traffic are a good start. But if those extra website visitors don’t convert into actual sales, you’re really just paying for statistics.

Others tell us how they tried running their digital marketing themselves but didn’t have enough time to make it work, or just didn’t know what to prioritize and when.

That’s why we created a completely sales-focused funnel strategy that doesn’t simply flood your website with people who have no intention of buying…

It actually generates more high quality leads for you, and then helps convert those leads into what really matters: sales and revenue.

The Get More Bookings™ sales funnel helps establish your business as the natural, trusted option in the minds of your ideal customers…

So when they’re ready to book a tour, you’re the obvious choice.

And its advanced marketing automation technology means you won’t even have to put in extra hours trying to stay on top of all the new leads you’re getting.

With an automated sales funnel, your site visitors become leads, and leads become sales. It’s a long-term solution that works – consistently and reliably.

There Are 4 Key Components To The Get
More Bookings™ Sales Funnel


More Effective

We start by attracting more of the right people to your site, not just ‘more traffic’.


Lead Generation
Through Targeted

Attract and engage new leads with customized, high quality content that solves their problems.

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Email Marketing
and Sales

Automatically deliver value, build trust and educate new leads until they’re ready to buy.

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Conversions and

Convert leads, manage sales, and optimize your funnel for more growth.

Want to know how a Get More Bookings™ sales
funnel can generate more online sales for your
than ever before

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More Effective Advertising

We start by attracting more of the right people to your site, not just ‘more traffic’

For many tour operators, getting people to their site isn’t the issue.

These days there are all sorts of ways you can ‘increase traffic’ to your site or your landing pages – but that creates its own problem:

Too much money is wasted on advertising to people who simply aren’t a good fit for your tours.

Unfortunately, that’s what many tour operators are doing by focusing on outdated SEO and PPC tactics… and it’s eating into their profits.

What matters is getting exposure to the right visitors – targeting 100 visitors who match your ideal client profile, instead of paying for 1,000 visitors with no intention of ever buying from you.

So the first part of your Get More Bookings™ sales funnel focuses on getting more of this interested, targeted traffic to your site, so you capture the attention of people who are more likely to become clients.

We call these targeted prospects ‘PFCs’ (Potential Future Clients) and our job starts by attracting more of them with effective online advertising – not by sending expensive, low quality traffic to your website that won’t convert.

We ran a series of campaigns for our tour operator partner Bicycle Adventures.

One Facebook ad alone generated 319 new email subscribers 197 new inquiries and $12,600 in PROFIT for them in just ONE MONTH.

And that was only the beginning, as we were able to continue running successful campaigns for them that brought in even more additional bookings and massive ROI.

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Want to learn more about how we can deliver more high quality leads for YOUR tour operator business, with fantastic ROI? Start by scheduling your free Strategy Session with us using the button below.

Lead Generation Through Targeted

Attract and engage new leads with customized, high quality content that solves their problems

Too many tour operators try to ‘sell’ everyone who visits their website in the same way, at the same time.

But only around 3% of your market is actively ‘shopping’ when they visit your site…

Which means if you try to sell them right away without addressing their needs, you’ll lose 97% of your new visitors almost instantly – and they’re unlikely to come back.

That’s why the Get More Bookings™ funnel is designed to give as many visitors as possible what they’re actually looking for: information.

According to Expedia, the average person starts researching a trip around 45 days before making a buying decision…

So you need to help them through this decision-making period with engaging, informative and authority-building content that keeps them coming back for more.

That’s exactly what your sales funnel does:

It gives each visitor a genuine reason to visit your site again… and again… and again, without feeling pressured into making a decision before they’re ready.

You’re ‘educating your way to the sale’, by providing the answers your PFCs are searching for, and moving them closer to becoming a customer.

With a Get More Bookings™ funnel, our expert team creates ALL your customized educational content for you, making it specific and relevant to your niche, delighting your audience with useful information that keeps them coming back – and keeps your company at the top of their mind.

This content-focused process is a proven sales strategy. Our German tour operator partner Boat Bike Tours made 60 EXTRA bookings in just two months when we implemented it for them.

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We create completely unique lead-generating and sales-nurturing content for every tour operator we work with: from in-depth articles to educational email courses, conversational inquiry forms and more.

The format and content changes, but the process itself is the same strategy that’s generated millions of dollars in revenue for our partners already.

Want to find out what will work for YOUR specific market? Schedule a free Strategy Session using the button below and we’ll give you the lowdown.

Email Marketing and Sales Automation

Automatically deliver value, build trust and educate new leads until they’re ready to buy

With all these new leads, you might wonder about the impact on your day-to-day operations.

That’s why we use cutting-edge ‘conversational marketing’ technology to automatically manage inquiries made on your site – even outside your business hours.

Imagine waking up to a cluster of qualified leads and new sales appointments, but with the time-consuming back and forth of following up already taken care of…

Site visitors have had their initial questions answered, they’ve opted-in to your automated email series or requested a destination guide, and some have even booked appointments to speak with your sales team – all while you were away from the office.

Customized automation like this is saving tour operators countless hours of work each week by reducing the need for manual inquiry handling, as well as generating new leads and sales during traditionally quieter, ‘off peak’ periods.

The Get More Bookings™ sales funnel also uses educational, expertly written content and interactive, conversational experiences that generate and convert more leads.

Our specialist writers use their experience in your niche to create optimized articles, landing pages and emails that engage, inform and nurture new leads into sales.

Personalized email marketing is one of the most effective strategies we use for our tour operator partners, because it’s automated, value-driven, and lets you sell as you would in a 1-to-1 situation – but at scale.

Automated, conversational emails educate your leads about your specific area, delivering genuine value while positioning your company as an authority on the topic.

These email courses can run alongside your existing broadcast emails and newsletters too – supplementing your email marketing, and focusing on converting new leads as they arrive.

Monica Fachin

Avventure Bellissime

So far, since we started with 10x Travel, we’ve had about a 30% increase in inquiries and bookings.”
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Our tour operator partners have seen incredible results using email courses. One even reported how they brought their average sales cycle down from 4 years… to just 4 weeks.

And in 6 months of sending the automated emails we created for them, they received 750 extra inquiries and 60 new bookings – all from emails they didn’t even have to write or manually send.

Timely follow-ups are so crucial to booking more tours online these days…

One Harvard Business Review study found that firms who contacted potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were more than 60 times as likely to qualify that lead than companies who waited 24 hours or more.

That’s why our automation technology lets you respond to inquiries faster and more consistently than ever before. To find out more about how sales automation like this can work for you, schedule your free and confidential Strategy Session. Click the button below to apply:

Bookings, Conversions And Beyond

Convert leads, manage sales, and optimize your funnel for more growth

At 10x Travel we’re here to help you close more sales, not just get more leads…

Our expert team will strategize with you and figure out the best way to help you achieve your sales goals – adding processes and automation where needed, to support your team.

You’ll gain access to your own customized ‘Deals Inbox’ CRM, a suite of sales and automation tools that lets you analyze and manage all your leads, sales and client profiles, to increase conversion rates and reduce workload.

Proven follow-up templates and ‘set & forget’ email automation helps turn leads into buyers. And your sales team will have access to a wealth of information to help them close more deals too…

Like ‘x-ray insights’ on every single lead your sales funnel generates – from the first time they arrive at your site to a complete activity feed of the emails, pages and specific tours they’ve viewed, so your reps know exactly what to say and when to say it.

During setup we’ll ensure the Get More Bookings™ sales funnel integrates smoothly with your current website, marketing tools and databases/CRMs like Salesforce. It’s not meant to replace systems and processes that are working well, just to augment them. We also provide top quality training and support for your team where needed.

Throughout our work together our friendly team will schedule regular performance reviews and analysis reports so you can easily keep track of bookings, sales and growth. You’ll also have a dedicated account manager to act as a reliable point of contact.

And once your funnel starts generating leads and sales on autopilot, we’ll work to optimize and improve it further, so your business continues to grow and your tours remain a success.

Want to know how a Get More Bookings™ sales funnel can generate more online sales for your business than ever before?

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Find out what YOUR sales funnel
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